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At Leadership Outfitters, we recognize that as leaders we cannot stay silent in the conversation about equity and inclusion.
We are committed to a world in which everyone thrives.


 We create results that make a difference for you, your team, and the bottom line.  Since 1993, Leadership Outfitters has delivered for companies across North America.

Let us deliver results for you.

Individual Coaching

Whether it’s long-term coaching like Stakeholder Centered Coaching, short-term coaching like a Coaching Intensive, or a Customized Coaching approach, we help you create behavioral change that is measurable, sustainable, and guarantees results.

Team Development

Want to jump-start your team to new levels of performance? Our Stakeholder Centered Team Coaching and Insightful Leaders, Insightful Teams Program offer choices for seasoned teams as well as newly-formed teams. Each option brings new skills and practices to both the leader and the team as they develop together.

Women's Leadership Community

This is one of our most innovative leadership development programs with a focus on women business leaders and business owners. The Women’s Leadership Community features nine months of development, providing key leadership tools, practices, skills, coaching, and ongoing learning among peers. It’s a community in the best sense of the word.

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Insights Discovery

Insights for your people, breakthroughs for your business. That’s what happens when you experience this 20-page self-awareness profile. Use it as a springboard to tackle the challenges that are standing between you and peak performance.

Proud members of the ICF since 2005

“15 years later your coaching still continues to have a very positive impact on me and those I have led long after we finished our coaching engagement.”

-Derek Mohar, Principal, Mohar Financial Planning

“What a great retreat! You field the curve balls, fill in the gaps, and improvise on the spot to meet the group where they are and move them at whatever pace they can handle.”

-Mary Peterson, Former Executive Director, Eagle Mount

“Our team loved your group coaching on the Insights tool... especially the energy you put forth to engage with us as a real person talking to real people.”

-Cindy Kelly, COO, Western CPE

“In coaching with Joe, I know I became a much better leader within my company as well as in my personal life. The proof is in the results.”

-Todd Nelson, Business Development Officer, Sun Trust Bank

“The Ris Affect is how I describe the impact Ris had on our business. She helped our team push our thinking far broader than we had ever considered. We walked out of our off-site with a much tighter team. The woman is amazing!”

– Rebecca Esposito, Development Coach, Esposito Communications

“Joe did such a great job leading me and my team on our journey. You really do have a special gift.”

-Craig Brown, VP of Resource Development, College of Western Idaho

“Ris was my executive coach for our senior management off-sites. She was extremely effective, excellent at perceiving what needed improvement, and developed a plan to help us get it done.”

-Susan Merrill, Partner at Sidley Austin LLP

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