Coaching For Todays Times

Some of the topics we’ve been discussing with our clients these past two weeks are:

  • How do I most effectively connect with my team when we are all working virtually?
  • How can I lead my company through the layoffs and do it with care and thoughtfulness?
  • How can I encourage out of the box thinking from the company’s leaders to keep our business nimble and reacting quickly to the weekly challenges we are facing?
  • How do I help the team stay engaged and motivated with everything that is happening in our personal lives?

As leaders, our people look to us to have the answers. In this time of uncertainty, those answers are sometimes hard to find. And yet, having a thought partner who can ask the questions to help you sort through the issues, even those you are personally struggling with, can create a place to discuss what may feel undiscussable right now.  We can help you discover options that enable you to figure out how you can influence and inspire action.

If you have questions you’d like to talk through with an experienced thought partner, a coach, we are a phone call away.

To help you face these challenges, we are offering 30-minute and 1-hour coaching sessions for April and May. There is no long-term commitment. Instead, we are providing “just in time” coaching for when you need it most.

A 30-minute coaching session is now $50, and a 1-hour coaching session is now $100. Follow this link to book a session.

May we all be present.  May we all be safe.  May we all be healthy.  May we all be at peace.

Joe and Ris