In November we became certified to use the Insights Discovery personal profile. One of the many things I love about the profile is that it’s sticky. It is easy to remember. One of the key pieces that make it sticky is the use of colors to describe 4 types of people. One tool that we have found really resonates with people is, “Me on a good day, me on a bad day.” There is a lot more to the profile but for simplicity sake I will keep this blog about this tool.

After reading this, do you recognize yourself in one of these colors on a good day and bad day? I know I did. When I saw this it was not new information for me. What was new was the permission it gave others who work with me to talk about when I am having a bad day. Instead of tiptoeing around me, there is joking and smiles. Call them kind prodding, which motivate me to move out of my bad day. I believe this is why this tool resonates with so many of the teams we have worked with. It gives them a way to talk about something that is awkward and uncomfortable.

I know for me when a team member mentions I might be having a bad day and I get motivated to look at myself and ask, “Is this the way I want to be in the world?” The answer is no. The choice then is up to me. Can I choose to be something other than the description on the card?

Two questions then come to my mind:

  1. Can I recognize this on my own?
  2. Can I do something that will have me shift out of bad day?

For the answer to the first question I need self-awareness. In other words, I have to be able to recognize I am having a bad day. This is pretty easy for most of us to recognize. It’s not a mystery to us when things aren’t going our way. The second question has to do with these three questions:

  1. Do I have the motivation to change?
  2. Do I have the tools to help me change?
  3. Do I have someone who can give me feedback about my change?

The Insights Discovery profile is an easy to remember tool to help prompt change. Combining coaching with the profile provides the feedback and spaced repetition that facilitate change. The motivation comes from you. Do you want to do something about it?

So my question is, do you? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.