#7 in the 2022 series:

How to Use Your Profile to Maximize Your Team

For 2022, our “Keeping it Alive” emails are meant to
offer ideas you can use to build your team.

Discover Your Team’s Ideal Work Environment…

How Does That Impact the Team?

People are generally most effective when provided with an environment that suits their preferences. If your team is back in the office, consider checking if there are any changes you and your team would like to make, based on the team’s leading color preferences.

Here’s how to do that:
Ask each team member to turn to page 16 in their Insights Profile,
Creating the Ideal Work Environment. Have the team members:
  1. Read through their list of preferences and select the top 3 aspects of their ideal working environment.
  2. Ask themselves if their current working environment reflects these top 3 needs.
  3. Share their top 3 with the team and discuss:
    • Are there any similarities in your ideal environments? 
    • Are there any conflicting ideal environment preferences?           
    • Where might the team share color energy preferences?    
    • Where might they differ?
  4. Decide as a team what changes could be made to the office environment to make it more ideal for everyone. 

Let us know what your team discovers!