Developing Teams

Is Your Team Living Up to Their Potential?

Teams that understand each other deliver results. High performing teams are non-negotiable for successful organizations. Teams can learn from their past and prepare for their future, by having conversations which improve their performance. Today.

Tackle the Challenges Most Critical to

Your Team’s Sucess

Our teamwork solutions are tailored to help you face your most pressing team challenges. Using Insights Discovery, we look at how teams communicate, how they prioritize, what motivates them, and what the blockers are to their performance.

Our clients love our Insights Discovery team program because it uses a simple and easy-to-remember four color model to understand one another’s unique behavioral preferences.


Insightful Teams, Insightful Results

Insightful Teams, Insightful Results is for teams who are looking to drive effectiveness and build cohesion. This 1/2 day Insights Discovery Profile debrief provides tangible tools that close the gap between where teams are and where they want to be.

This program is a prerequisite for any customized team event using color.

Customized Team Events Using Color

We can customize a 2-hour or 4-hour team development event to harness the power of the Insights Profile to deliver maximum results for your team. A few thought-starters to consider:

  • Identify what motivates each team member to engage each other more effectively
  • Hone the team’s focus for results by identifying specific actions for the team to Start, Stop, and Continue
  • Create action and personal commitment between individual team members to address conflict

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Ways To Use It

Great teamwork needs to be a given in the most successful companies, but it’s particularly vital at certain times in the life cycle of any team.

1. When there’s a shift in the team- of purpose, direction, or leader

2. When a new team forms and needs to hit high performance – Fast

3. When events happening outside the team affect the climate inside

What’s the Impact?

Great teams are the engine room of successful organizations. And if your engines aren’t working as they should, you’ve got to lift the lid, take a good look at what’s going on, and find out what you can do to turn the situation around.

That’s what our Team Development program does; it’s diagnostic, sure, and also intensely revealing. We are here to give you practical and sustainable tools that will help your teams work together for success, long into the future.

Find out why companies like LinkedIn, 3M, Boeing, Oracle, Nike, Medtronic, Airbnb, Novartis, Target, Apple, US Bank, and Accenture are building their teams using Insights Discovery.

How Does It Work?

Want to know how customized this profile is for each person? A one followed by 24 zeros is your chance of finding another profile just like yours.  Each profile identifies not only your strengths and weaknesses, but value to the team, communication do’s and don’ts, blind spots and suggestions for development. This profile, coupled with our customized team session, helps teams close the gap to understanding one another and achieve their full professional potential.

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