A few weeks ago Ris and I attended a coach training that fundamentally changed the way we coach. Now remember, we’ve been in the coaching business for over 20 years and developing people for longer than that. So this is a pretty bold statement. We are so confident in this leadership coaching process we guarantee measurable results! 

Why is this coaching process so different?

  1. Coaching is not done in secret. The Leader is required to go public with their goal(s).
  2. The Leader involves those effected by the behavior s/he is trying to improve to  provide regular monthly feedback on how to improve on this goal.
  3. The Leader follows-up on regular basis with these stakeholders.
  4. Research has shown that 95% of leaders who go through this coaching process will have a positive behavioral change that is recognized by others.

The process works. 150 0f the Fortune 500 Leaders C-Suite leaders have used this process with the same results.

The fundamental difference in this process is it helps change the perception of the stakeholder has of the leader over time. This may actually be harder to do than the leader changing a behavior! So this is huge.

To learn more about this process check it out on our website!