I was cruising leadership articles from my Feedly account on LinkedIn earlier this week. While I found a few, I did find something unexpected.  Those that know me know I am a passionate fly-fisherman and love sharing this with my clients. This is my excuse to have Feedly serve me up articles and videos on fly-fishing. 

So I see a video called, “The Last Best Man”, it is produced by Yeti Coolers. I think,” hmm I’ll give it a look.” About a third into the video I started to tear up. Why? I was inspired by the video. It touched my soul.  You may be thinking, “Really, Joe this is a ice cooler video?” 

Here’s why I was so touched. I was inspired by a story of a man and what he stood for. How he took an untraditional way into the sport of fly-fishing that we usually learn from our fathers. I was inspired by his daughter who taught him how to fish. I was inspired by how honored she was to be there for his first time and teach him. 

Regardless if you fish or not this story is about connection; spiritual connection between a father, daughter, and nature. As we approach Father’s Day I thought it an important leadership lesson. One from an unexpected place. Enjoy!