We’re in uncharted territory.

Amidst efforts to slow the Corona Virus, companies are rolling out mandatory work-from-home policies. Your team meeting will no longer be held around the conference table. Rather, you and your team will be working from your couch, kitchen table or, if you’re lucky, your home office by way of a video call.

This new way of communicating certainly presents its challenges. We found that out ourselves when one member of our staff did not know how to operate Zoom. Luckily, we had Zoom Guru, Megan, already on our staff ready to help. She created two just-in-time Zoom tutorials to help you jumpstart your Zoom expertise.

Whether you are experienced in virtual meetings or a newfangled member to the virtual meeting world, our Zoom tutorials can broaden your understanding of what you need to do. Each video contains information for new Zoom users and for those looking to utilize all of Zoom’s unique features.

Here’s what you’ll get in each video:

Zoom Tutorial #1- Zoom Guru Megan, the Client Services Coordinator for Leadership Outfitters, takes you through six basic Zoom functions. The result? You’ll know exactly what to do in your next virtual meeting.

Zoom Tutorial #2- Zoom Guru Megan takes you to the next level, Zoom 2.0. You’ll learn three features that will help maximize the Zoom experience: how to share a screen, create a whiteboard, and how to make it fancy.

Need Additional Help?

Still have an unanswered question? Want more information? Knowing how to use the technology is just one of the hurdles in these unprecedented times. Please reach out in the comments below and we will do what we can to assist you.

Are these technical challenges the least of your worries when leading your team in this unique time? Check out the special coaching offers we’re currently providing through April and May. We will help you explore and discuss the challenges you are facing for the first time in your career.