Geez, we recently had Ris Higgins in the Beautifully Equipped studio and she totally knocked our socks off.

Picture the studio with the four of us leaning in, completely hanging on every word as Ris shared nuggets of wisdom.  This episode is loaded with truth bombs, pennies dropping, and eye-opening epiphanies.

Remember a few years back when there was a lot of controversy over the term ‘bossy’ and whether that was a compliment or an insult? And even now, how do you become a great leader without risking being called the B word? It crosses all of our minds.

Based on today’s conversation with Ris we should all know and own our power.  She brings up a great point that a lot of us need to hear:

It is an inside job and if we’re not totally comfortable with our power it shows up in very subtle unconscious ways; in how we ask questions, in how we find our place at the table, literally and figuratively.  – Ris Higgins

Owning our power makes us the leader others want to follow.

Ris shares the direct thread between power and accountability: self-awareness. We have to start with ourselves before we can even begin to look outside.  But she doesn’t leave it at just that. Yes, eye-opening epiphanies are followed by real techniques!

It’s easy to point the finger at others when they’re not listening to your ideas or respecting your point of view. Defense mechanism, right? You have to listen to this episode–you can own your place at the table, gain respect and not feel bad about it.

There is so much insight and wisdom from Ris that we had to capture our favorite takeaways in this download. Enjoy the listen then grab the cliff notes.

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