#6 in the 2022 series:

How to Use Your Profile to Maximize Your Team

For 2022, our “Keeping it Alive” emails are meant to
offer ideas you can use to build your team.

Try this exercise with your team when they’re all in the office.
Ask each team member to:
  1. Go to page 18 in their Insights Profile, Motivations, to see the suggestions which provide motivation for them.
  2. Put a check next to the one that motivates them the most right now.
  3. Consider how their selection might have been different pre-COVID, or two years ago.
  4. Share what they learned about themselves and how their main motivation changed, if it did. 
  5. Discuss how this information impacts the team today.

Note: For those team members who now want to carve out some quiet time in their day, suggest they set up an appointment with themselves on their schedule. Just as a team member would not interrupt an appointment with a client, this can serve as a reminder for team members to honor this appointment in the same way.

Let us know what your team discovered!