Leading in Turbulent Times

Lead Change to Impact and Engage

Finding innovative solutions to old problems is key to business success in the 21st century. Leaders who know how to manage the insights of a team’s color preferences, significantly enhance productivity and results during change. 


Does this describe the challenges you’re facing these days?

Volatility                     Uncertainty                    Complexity                     Ambiguity

When you add COVID-19 to that mix, the uncertainty and complexity can quickly turn into insecurity, unpredictability, and conflict.

That’s a lot of pressure on leaders.

Leading in Turbulent Times is an innovative program to help leaders manage their business and their people through these challenging times. Download the brochure for more information.

Insights Discovery Debrief

How Do You Impact and Engage?

It’s all about the Colors

Always start with what’s at the heart of your business – your people. By helping each person understand how their leading color reacts to change, why that might be, and how others react differently, your leadership builds in the resilience that teams need to cope with change and maintain productivity.

When you can build resilience in your people, teams and leaders, they become more agile and responsive, enabling them to cultivate a growth mindset. It all starts with knowing their leading colors.

“It was so helpful to learn about the top mistakes to avoid in leading change! We’ve already made five of them. Bummer. At least I now know of five other ones we can avoid from here on out.”

-Construction Company President

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Session #1:

Leading in Turbulent Times- Transition is Internal

  • The difference between change and transition in turbulent times
  • How to impact productivity in a positive way during turbulent  times and change
  • The importance of putting your people first
  • How color preferences manifest in leadership-both on a good day and bad day
  • How to positively impact change using a knowledge of the strengths and challenges of each Insights color energy
  • The color energy stress behaviors and what is showing up for you
  • The importance of being aware of your mood as the leader and its impact on the people you lead
  • How to use emotions as information to take action

Session #2:

Leading in Turbulent Times- Change is External

  • The 6-Step Strategic Approach and how to apply it to successfully lead your business and your people through turbulent times
  • How to prioritize solutions to eight of the most common business challenges during turbulent times
  • What useable Plan of Action you’ll take based on the 6-Step Strategic Approach and the endorsement of the participants
  • How the Insights color energies can help you generate innovative solutions to business challenges
  • 8 Plans of Action to address each of the 8 Business Challenges, developed and endorsed by all of the participants

“Best day I’ve ever spent learning about leading change. I finally have ideas on how to do that.”

-Insurance Owner

The Results

For lasting change, you need all of your people to get bought in, inspired, on board, and most crucially, to understand how their role fits into the whole process.

That’s what we do. We take change, and make it personal.

How? By knowing what your leading color does during change. Every individual in your business will gain a higher level of self-awareness, to be able to understand how they approach change, and what they can do differently the next time around. When you lead change, you equip people to deal with change while staying productive and engaged.

Insights Discovery

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