Insightful Leaders, Insightful Teams

Amazing Insights. Amazing Team. Amazing Results

When the differences among team members become insightful instead of challenging, engagement happens.

Insightful Leaders Insightful Teams is one of our exciting offers for teams, featuring the Insights Discovery Personal Profile and the Team Wheel of preferences, both practical tools for building trust and cohesiveness.

When a team becomes more cohesive, the members engage in conversations that matter, enabling them to generate results that exceed expectations. This kind of teamwork gives a company a significant competitive advantage. Plus, people just like to work there.


When the differences among team members become insightful instead of challenging, engagement happens. Ideas and results begin to build and defensiveness disappears, no longer eroding the best intentions of the team. What if this could happen with your team members? What if they:

  • No longer held back what they really wanted to say? They were open, without filters.
  • Knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Embraced honesty and openness, showing a willingness to consider different points of view and perspectives?
  • Held one another accountable for behaviors and actions, based on color preferences?
  • Learned how to hear feedback less personally and more objectively?
  • Discovered what really matters to all members of the team?

What To Expect

During this 1.5 day team session, you will:

  • Debrief your Insights Discovery 20-page Personal Profile and Team Wheel
  • Discuss and practice applications of the nuggets of wisdom from the report
  • Learn how to create Static-Free Communication
  • Understand the impact of the Reactive Cycle and how to identify it
  • Create a Gap Analysis of where your team is and where you want it to be, with an action plan outlining how to get there

To help you sustain this enhanced level of amazing insights and amazing results, we also provide each team member with three one-hour coaching calls after the session, scheduled at their convenience.  This translates to more applications, more learning, and more sustainable behavioral change.  It lasts.

"The report provided an effective tool for managing a team. By reviewing the Insights Discovery reports of other team members I was able to effectively manage my team and individual team members differently."

-Sales Manager

What Each Team Member Gets:

  • An Insights Discovery Personal Profile – an individual 20-page report for each team member
  • A Team Wheel outlining the team’s preferences
  • Reinforcement tools to sustain the learning and team work
  • All learning materials
  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions after the program


$995 per person

"I was really amazed at the insight and usefulness from the Insights Discovery tool. My leadership team uses the principles in our executive committee meetings now."

-Company President

Is This For Me?

Consider Insightful Leaders, Insightful Teams if your team:

  • Wants a practical and inspiring development experience that generates both personal and professional breakthroughs in the team.

  • Aspires to uncover new levels of emotional intelligence leading to new levels of engagement and results.
  • Wants to build a foundation of communication within the team that can tackle tough conversations as well as create inspiring engagement.

How long does it take to see results?
Most of our clients (95%) see results immediately. It takes courage and humility to work with a coach and often, when team members, peers, direct reports, and bosses feel involved in the growth process, the collaborative atmosphere leads to quicker, more effective change.
We don’t have a lot of time to spend. Is this a good package for our team?
This package is specifically designed for teams that only have a short window of time to learn about where the holes are in their processes and communication.
Why would we choose this package over Stakeholder Centered Coaching?
This package is specifically designed for teams without a lot of time who need help identifying the challenges throughout their team, or board and some simple, but effective strategies to help them move past the challenges that they are facing.

This is a lesser time commitment, and is recommended for companies with fewer resources or teams that have a limited time together (a task force, or a non-profit board, for example).

"It is an excellent tool to assist one to understand their weaknesses, strengths and avenues to assist in dealing with other colleagues."

-Improvement Manager

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s set up a time to explore how Insightful Leaders, Insightful Teams can ignite your team’s performance. Click on the calendar and pick a date and time to explore how we can deliver breakthrough results for your team.