Our Approach to Coaching is Simple:

We create long-term, behavioral change that is measurable and guarantees results*.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching

This proven process is for the successful leader who wants coaching that guarantees results. If results aren’t achieved, you get your money back. We deliver breakthroughs in behaviors so nothing holds you back from even greater success.

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Coaching Intensives

This is the program for those leaders who have a hard time fitting their leadership development into a busy schedule. We customize the time just for you to achieve the results you want, focusing the tools and practices to enhance your development.  We meet for three days here in Montana, then work together for six, 1-hour coaching sessions to create breakthroughs you never thought possible.

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Customized Coaching

If either Stakeholder Centered Coaching or the Coaching Intensive doesn’t fit what you’re looking for, let’s talk! We can customize a coaching plan to fit your needs and budget.
* Only Stakeholder Centered Coaching has a money back guarantee.