Coaching Intensives

Customized Development on Your Time

Get What You Need, When You Need It.

You’re leading a team or organization, and something is off.  You think if you could just change this something, you could lead in a more effective way.

Whether you’re managing a team or your own company (or both), leadership to you is about creating engagement and getting results. And you’re not getting either right now to the extent you want.

You also know that you’re meant for more. Do you envision a bigger company with more employees and the ability to take on more customers, or growing the company to double-digit revenue in the coming year?  Are you getting the best out of your employees? How about your senior leadership team?

Your leadership growth is important, too, and you know that you need to take the time away from the office to focus on how to identify and develop the growth that you want. You are vaguely aware you may have habits that hinder, but don’t know how to figure them out, let alone know what to do with them. For leaders just like you who want to grow their leadership effectiveness and are facing time crunches, we created the Coaching Intensive.  It offers customized development on your schedule.

Accountability and an objective perspective with one of our coaches is the one-two punch that helps you sustain your long-term progress.

If you know you have greater potential, but you don’t know how to get there on your own, you’re in the right place.

When you work with one of our leadership coaches, you have a seasoned guide to hold you accountable for behavioral change, reinforce your new behaviors, and help you achieve more than you thought possible when you started.

Over the course of our three-day customized Coaching Intensive, the focus is you and your leadership effectiveness, identifying what the roadblocks are that get in your way, so that you can begin creating what does work for you.

You learn the insights, practices, and tools for leadership mastery, which accesses your ability to achieve breakthroughs in your development. Your coach provides a balance of learning and discovery with time to process between each session. It’s interval training at its best, allowing for learning and integration.

After your four, 4-hour sessions, we schedule ten monthly coaching calls to reinforce what you learned, discuss the applications of your insights, and help you customize your use of the tools and practices. Included is just-in-time coaching when you need it.

We offer more than three decades of coaching experience to help our clients achieve inspiring, relevant, and profound results.  Our mission? Provide life-altering professional growth so you can experience leadership breakthroughs.

Ready to Get Started?

If you want to find out more about what a Coaching Intensive could look like for you, click on the calendar and pick a date and time to talk, or sign up now to save your spot!

What You Get:

  • Coaching off-site in four, 4-hour sessions or 2 days, scheduled at your convenience                   
  • An Insights Discovery Personal Profile Debrief
  • Ten, 1-hour 1:1 coaching following your off-site to help you integrate lessons learned and reinforce new habits
  • Breakthroughs in your leadership that you never thought possible
  • Tools, practices, and resources to use throughout your leadership journey



“The experience for me was life-changing. I learned how I was contributing to the breakdowns I was having within my team and the senior leadership team. But more importantly, I learned how to improve my relationships and deal more effectively with conflict.”

-Senior HR Vice President

Is This Program For Me?

Do You Want to:

  • Take more personal responsibility for your behavior and how you affect others instead of blaming them
  • Change the way you handle stressful situations
  • Understand your “Habits that Hinder” and how they diminish your leadership
  • Understand other people’s concerns and get curious about their perspective
  • Recognize how your emotional reactions are ruling your decisions and learn how to shift
  • Identify how you may contribute to breakdowns in communication that make it difficult to connect with people


All of our Coaching Intensive clients have shared with us they experience results immediately.  In fact, we notice most clients experience “Aha’s” by lunch time on the first day!  When you leave the three days of customized development during the Coaching Intensive, you will have acquired new tools and practices that help support your new behaviors right away. Then, we help you integrate lessons learned and reinforce new habits by offering six one-hour coaching sessions, scheduled in the months following your completion of the Coaching Intensive.  All of this is included in the program fee.

We prefer payment upfront.  Payment plansThe best thing about our Coaching Intensive is that it’s customized development scheduled on your time. You pick the schedule that works for you. Plus, with six months of coaching afterwards, you pick the coaching appointments that work for you. So if you want results on your time, this is your best option!

You’ll stay in comfortable hotel accommodations in Bozeman, a traffic-free 10-minute drive from the ranch where we do all of our work. You will experience a customized retreat where nature is your classroom. We combine learning and the outdoors so your leadership development continues in new ways to sustain new behaviors.

Our clients tell us that the best, most effective results occurred when they got out of their normal, day-to-day routine, and opened themselves up to new places, new experiences, new people, and a new way of being.

Payment plans are available upon request. Please note, there is an increased admin fee of $100 with payment plans.

In the six months after you complete the Coaching Intensive, we’ll schedule a phone call for one hour every month. We do this to make sure you’re on track with the goals you set and the behaviors you identified for improvement. In these calls we address assignments you have agreed to take on, what has worked, what hasn’t, and explore new behaviors to try, coming up with a new assignment at the end of each call.

“What you offer is game changing. The style and methods you use cannot be replicated.”

Senior Vice President

Ready to Get Started?

If you want to find out more about what a Coaching Intensive could look like for you, click on the calendar and pick a date and time to talk, or sign up now to save your spot!