Women’s Leadership Community

“Think of the Women’s Leadership Community as the means to clear your path of self-imposed obstacles so you can become more successful and take greater satisfaction in your work. Our goal is to help you make the biggest positive difference that you want to make on the path you choose through life. It’s helpful to consider the ways you might be keeping yourself stuck.”

-Sally Helgeson and Marshall Goldsmith, How Women Rise

This is a transformational process that ignites personal growth. Since 2004, women leaders have found the Women’s Leadership Community recognizes and develops a growth mindset that fuels their success. The synergy created in this vibrant learning community enhances each participant’s leadership. New tools. New practices. New skills. Wonder if this is for you? Here are a few of the reasons you’ll want to join us:

  • You want to transform your good leadership to great leadership, and need new ideas.
  • You want to more effectively leverage the strengths on your team.
  • You want to be able to make the shift from working in your business to on your business.
  • You want to exude confidence and composure when under pressure.
  • You have been selected as a successor to a more senior position and would like to improve your viability for success.
  • You have a habit you to want to change, but don’t know how.

This is a transformational process that ignites personal effectiveness as a leader because it is application focused and customized to your needs as a business leader.

Leadership improvement is about taking small steps forward and evolving just a bit each day.  Think evolution, not revolution.  Anyone can change one behavior a month, or eliminate one mistake, and suddenly you can be an overnight success.

Darryl Rosen

What It Is:

The nine monthly sessions of the Women’s Leadership Community teach key leadership tools, practices, and skills with ongoing learning among women leaders. It is a transformational process that ignites personal effectiveness as a leader because it is application focused and customized to the needs of women business leaders.

The value of the spaced repetition, meeting monthly with other women to learn and reinforce applications, translates to behavioral change that is sustainable. It lasts. You’ll share insights. You’ll share experiences. You’ll conduct live problem solving and develop long-lasting relationships built on mutual respect and fun.

This program is designed to enrich women business leaders, enhance their influence, and develop their confidence to create a life of significance.

  • Nine monthly sessions
  • Month one features one full day, 8:30 am-5:00 pm, to develop the community of leaders.
  • For each of the following eight months, you will attend a 6 1/2-hour session from 9:30 am-4:00 pm, including program materials, refreshments, snacks, and lunch.
  • Eight monthly 90-minute partner meetings with a different participant each month.
  • Three hours of individual Coaching with the Program Coach
    • A one-hour just-in-time coaching session to use as you would like during the nine months of the program.
    • A two-hour final coaching session to develop transition goals using all the skills, practices, and tools you have learned.

Program Fee: $3,750 per person

Ideal Participants Are Those Who:

  • Are in leadership positions.
  • Enjoy learning with a small group of fellow leaders in a community of trust.
  • Want to reach a new level of leadership effectiveness and influence.
  • Want to find out how they get in their own way unconsciously and change that.
  • Realize they may contribute to the breakdowns and miscommunication that occurs, and are willing to look at themselves to understand how that happens.

“It’s the most significant leadership development experience I’ve had in my career.”

“I met strong leaders who showed me that leadership is more about being genuine than being perfect. In a nutshell, it gave me depth to my leadership.”

“I am now able to identify when and why I am not effective with my team, suppliers, and customers. I have learned to use the tools from this program to work through barriers and achieve results.”


We know how busy women business leaders can be, so we have designed this nine-month Women’s Leadership Community to be respectful of that.  In addition to the 6 1/2 hours leaders will spend in each monthly session, there is a 90-minute Pair Partner Meeting between each monthly session to discuss the brief homework assignment.  Past participants have told us their monthly Pair Partner Meetings are one of their favorite aspects of our program. In these meetings, they enjoy discussing applications, learning more about each member of the community because their partner changes each month, and keeping the learning alive in between sessions.

Payment plans are available upon request. Please contact Megan Brummel, our Client Services Manager, at 406-586-5504 Ex. #3 or [email protected]

Session #1 → Authenticity and Self-Awareness

Session #2 → Emotional Fitness Skills

Session #3 → Applications and Group Coaching

Session #4 → Language of Influential Leaders

Session #5 → Language of Influential Leaders

Session #6 → Leading Change

Session #7 → Applications and Group Coaching

Session #8 → Emotional Fitness Skills

Session #9 → Courageous Action

We discuss where you started based on the goal you set for yourself, and how you would rate your growth since then.  That includes re-visiting:

  • What has been the impact on your leadership?
  • How are you different today than you were nine months ago?
  • What are the top three practices you are going to take on to sustain the development of your leadership?
  • Any concept, practice, or skill that you would like to discuss for more mastery?

Then we create a plan together for how to best move forward in your leadership effectiveness.