Women’s Leadership Development

Transformational leadership is possible, and we can help you get there. Consider joining our Women’s Leadership Communities and experience the most innovative leadership development programming for women leaders. We focus on igniting your personal effectiveness as a leader because everything we offer is application focused and customized to your needs as a business leader.

Women’s Leadership Community

This is one of our most innovative leadership development programs with a focus on women business leaders and business owners.  The Women’s Leadership Community features nine months of development, providing key leadership tools, practices, skills, coaching, and ongoing learning among peers. Its a community in the best sense of the word.

Program Fee: $2,995

Expeditions Within:

Identify Your Limited Self

For Women’s Leadership Community Graduates

We created a new community program for graduates of the Women’s Leadership Communities in 2018. Its name? Expeditions Within. Call it version 2.0!  

When we started it, we promised to offer other events that continue your leadership development. 

In Expeditions Within: Identify Your Limited Self, learn all about your habits that hinder you unconsciously in six virtual sessions. Come build a community of partners where we’ll confirm your Hidden Fear, identify your Limited Belief, and determine your Coping Competency, Default Mood, and Limited Image.

Then, to sustain your enhanced level of self-awareness, you get three 1-hour coaching calls in the three months following the program’s completion. Give yourself the gift of taking your development further.

Program Fee: $1,549