Leadership Development Programs

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Throughout the year, we run in-person workshops and retreats for individuals, teams, and groups at our ranch in Montana. The in-person aspect of these workshops often leads to groundbreaking behavioral change as we introduce them to new ways of thinking and learning using nature as your classroom.

Leadership Development Community

Transformational leadership is possible, and we can help you get there.  Join our Leadership Development Community for an innovative and effective leadership experience that goes beyond traditional training. Open to both men and women, this program provides nine months of group coaching with a small group of no more than eight business leaders. During our nine months, you will learn key leadership skills, tools, and practices.

Program Fee: $2,995

Women’s Leadership Community

This is one of our most innovative leadership development programs with a focus on women business leaders and business owners.  The Women’s Leadership Community features nine months of development, providing key leadership tools, practices, skills, coaching, and ongoing learning among peers. Its a community in the best sense of the word.

Program Fee: $2,995