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“This is the most robust, richly-nuanced, easy to use and remember behavioral profile we have seen in our 24 years of coaching!”                                                                                              -Ris Higgins and Joe Esparza, Owners, Leadership Outfitters

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Insights Discovery is an online personal profile that provides information on what makes you tick. Using Insights Discovery as a foundation, we create solutions for leaders, teams, individuals, or the entire company.

Imagine what could happen if you knew team members’ behavioral preferences in:

  • Interacting with others
  • Making decisions
  • Communicating: think their Do’s and Don’ts

What might you be able to do differently if you knew your: 

  • Key strengths and weaknesses
  • Value to the team
  • Possible blind spots
  • Suggestions for development


Most workshops are a half-day or less where we debrief your results, and work with you to synthesize the nuggets of wisdom you’ll learn about yourself and how better to work with others. At the end of the half-day, you’ll know much more about your personal preferences, and you’ll be ready to go back to work with strategies and plans to create actionable change.

If you are looking to create a foundation for effective communication across the company, but you don’t have a lot of time or you’re on a tight budget, Insights Discovery is what you have been searching for.

“Before going through the training, I went through a one-hour debrief. I went back to the office and had two meetings scheduled with associates that usually don’t go well. This time I used the information from the debrief and the difference was like night and day. I had the most productive meetings I’ve ever had with those two people, and I hadn’t even been through the workshop!”

Steve L., Managing Parter

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What Each Participant Gets:

  • Up to a half-day of customized development
  • A 20 page Insights Discovery personal profile
  • Learning manual for the session
  • Job aids to use back at work
  • A specific goal of how to apply learning in the next 30-days


Standard Package: $495

Power Package: $795 Includes the Standard Package plus three 1-hour coaching calls

“It was such a pleasure to go through your program and learn about how I function and relate to others. My wife was also fortunate enough to take your workshop. It has changed both of our thought processes and how we communicate and perceive others. Personally and professionally it has been a feather in our cap.”

-Joel R., Project Architect

Is This Program for Me?

Insights Discovery is best for:

  • Leaders who want to learn how to motivate others
  • Team members who want to avoid and learn how to recover from comunication breakdowns
  • Individuals who want to grow their influence and leadership
  • Leaders who want to learn how to communicate more effectively under stress and pressure
  • Teams that are experiencing a high degree of change, and want to build a foundation for better communication

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“I decided to invest in this for our team. I was skeptical, but even before we attended the training there was a buzz about Insights Discovery. People were sharing their results with each other and laughing with one another. It has become a part of our everyday language.”

-Bill P., President


We already use DiSC and I've used Myers Briggs aren't they all the same?

Last year 548 new trainers, coaches, and facilitators attended an accreditation training in the U.S. and are now using Insights Discovery in their organizations. There are now 7,000 accredited trainers in the world using Insights Discovery and this number is growing rapidly. Companies like LinkedIn, Apple, Nike, 3M, Boeing, Target, Airbnb, and others are making the switch right now. Why?

Insights Discovery is simply the most robust, easy to remember and apply personal profile in the industry. Here is how Insights is different:

  • Easy to remember
  • Used on the job
  • Build on it using Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Sales, and Team Effectiveness workshops
  • Consistent product and training
  • Statistically valid
  • Robust, unique profile. One in 100 billion chances that your profile will read exactly like someone else’s.
How long does it take to see results?

90% of all our clients start using the concepts within 90 minutes of attending the session.

We don’t have a lot of time to spend. Is this a good workshop for our team?

This workshop is specifically designed for teams that only have a short window of time to learn about where they shine and how they can improve how they work with others. The on-line evaluator takes most clients 10 minutes to answer. The workshops are 4-hours or less. The lunch and learn is one hour.

Why would I choose this package?

Insights Discovery is specifically designed for leaders, teams, and individuals without a lot of time or on tight budgets.  It was developed for companies who need help identifying the how they can work more effectively with others. You leave with tangible tools to help communicate and influence more effectively.