Women’s Leadership Community

Our Intention:

It’s in group coaching that we gain insights and contribute to each other’s greater leadership and business mastery. It’s a community in the best sense of the word.

Leading in business can be challenging and inspiring.  At the same time, managing a team and keeping yourself vital can be exhausting. Do you still find yourself facing perplexing circumstances such as:

  • You have received critical feedback about your leadership and want to improve.

  • You are being groomed for a higher level leadership position, and want to boost your probability of success.
  • You were overlooked for a promotion and want to improve your chances next time.

  • You have a habit you to want to change, but don’t know how.
  • You know you have to change to grow your business and your people, and you don’t know where to start.

  • You want to improve the leadership of a daughter to take over your company. Why not bring her with you?

Research tells us that women in business do not have as many sponsors and mentors as they need to move up, they often feel unworthy of the goals they have already achieved, and overwhelmed by all the demands from their personal and professional lives.


“Leadership improvement is about taking small steps forward and evolving just a bit each day.  Think evolution, not revolution.  Anyone can change one behavior a month, or eliminate one mistake, and suddenly you can be an overnight success.”

    -Darryl Rosen

What Women Are Saying

“I was not making full requests or offers and was wondering why I wasn’t getting results. Now I know.”

“I found specific ways to empower myself. I’m no longer waiting  and hoping or blaming.”

“I’ve noticed my Hidden Fear when it comes up and that diminishes its power. It makes it a story instead of truth or fact.”

“I participated in the Women's Leadership Community and found it to be the best leadership series I've ever attended.”

– Business Owner

"I want you to know how amazing this program has been in my life. The seeds you have planted, the insights I have learned, have literally changed my life."

– Developer and Partner in Business

"I pulled out all of my leadership stuff the other day as I wanted to re-read so many things, specifically what I wrote on the morning you had us write in our journals the 'If I was brave, I would ______.' My word was 'speak.' I joke that I haven't shut up since and it feels great! It was incredible to read it again and I realized so very much how that 5 minutes of writing changed the projection of my life. The whole course did in fact. I gained strength and focus both professionally and personally in that room with you and those amazing women."

– Business Owner

"This program will be etched in my memory as one of the pivotal points in my leadership and personal development."

– Business Owner

What It Is:

For nine months, the monthly sessions of the Women’s Leadership Community teach key leadership tools, practices, and skills with ongoing learning among peers. It is a transformational process that ignites your personal effectiveness as a leader because it is application focused and customized to your needs as a seasoned entrepreneur or a business leader.

The value of the spaced repetition, meeting monthly to learn and reinforce applications, translates to behavioral change that is sustainable. It lasts. You’ll share insights. You’ll share experiences. You’ll conduct live problem solving and develop long-lasting relationships built on mutual respect and fun.

This program is designed to help you enrich your leadership, enhance your influence, and develop your confidence to create a life of significance.

What You Get:

  • A full day to kick off the Women’s Leadership Community, 8:30 am-5:00 pm
  • A 6.5-hour session each month for the following eight months, 9:30 am-4:00 pm
  • Eight 90-minute Pair Partner Meetings, each conducted between monthly sessions
  • One 2-hour individual final coaching session to develop goals with plans to take you forward
  • All materials, books, an Insights Discovery Personal Profile, all lunches and snacks
  • If you select the Coaching Add-on Option, you’ll get 3 hours of one-on-one coaching with Ris to discuss personal applications of learning, scheduled when you need it


Program Fee: $2,995

Add-on Coaching Option: $400 We offer three 1-hour individual coaching sessions with the program coach, for your just-in-time needs throughout the program.


"Spent another amazing day with diverse and amazing ladies at the Women's Leadership Community. It's hard to express how important days like today are. Let's face it, women discussing real issues we all experience, leads to incredible discussions. Anyone looking to become better at leading, loving, guiding, and succeeding, do this. I'm loving this experience on so many levels."

– Business Owner

"For each session I arrived in eager anticipation, participated with all of my focus and energy, and left feeling I had given the experience everything I had. I felt undoubtedly that Ris had done equally as much to create the environment where all of us were encouraged to explore, discover, and enjoy the experience. I so appreciate her courageous cultivation of women leaders."

– Chief Operating Officer

"The deliberate way you phrased questions and the stories you shared unearthed more than I thought existed underneath my surface."

– Director of Operations 

"The tools I gained in the Women's Leadership Community are priceless both professionally and personally."

– Commercial Real Estate Developer

"Gathering with the amazing women from our community was something I always looked forward to. I really appreciated knowing that if I was struggling with something, I could bring that to the group and Ris and the ladies would provide input on a constructive approach to dealing with any difficult situation."

– Director of Marketing

Ideal Participants Are those Women Who:

  • Are in leadership positions.
  • Have stopped waiting for permission from others to feel entitled to their success.
  • Want to create more influence, be more decisive, and lead change.
  • Want to find out how they unconsciously get in their own way, and change that.
  • Want to reach a new level of leadership effectiveness.
  • Want to get better at holding people accountable and staying connected to them at the same time.
  • Enjoy learning with a small group of fellow leaders in a community of trust.
  • Realize they may contribute to the breakdowns and miscommunications that occur, and want to look at themselves and understand how that happens.

Ready to Get Started?

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"I've been to quite a few leadership workshops over the years and went into the Women's Leadership Community thinking I had a pretty good idea of my strengths and needs for growth. Ris had an amazing way of allowing me to see how to apply my gifts in ways that really tapped into my passions. This program created a safe space to learn and I found the connections with this wonderful group of women to be one of my favorite parts of the experience."


How long does it take to see results?
You will see results immediately because each session offers insights, practices, and applications.  What’s great about the results is that you’ll build on them each month, enhancing your understanding and knowledge and mastery of their application. The scheduled repetition of a monthly meeting which reinforces prior learning, guarantees the sustainability of all the lessons learned.
I don’t have a lot of time to spend. Is there much homework?
We know how busy business leaders can be, so we have designed the Women’s Leadership Community to be respectful of that.  In addition to the 6.5 hours you will spend in each monthly session, there is a 90-minute Pair Partner Meeting between each monthly session to discuss the brief homework assignment.  Past participants have told us their monthly Pair Partner Meetings are one of their favorite aspects of our program. In these meetings, they enjoy discussing applications, learning more about each member of the community because their partner changes each month, and keep the leadership learning alive in between sessions.
Can I pay in installments or is the total Package Fee due up front?
We prefer payment upfront.  Payment plans are available upon request, and include an additional processing fee.
What do we talk about in the monthly workshops?
Session #1 → Authenticity: The Soul of Leadership

Session #2 → Emotional Intelligence: The Heart of Leadership

Session #3 → Applications and Group Coaching: The Path of Personal Accountability

Session #4 → Language of Leadership: The Path of Influential Leadership

Session #5 → Applications and Group Coaching: The Path of Personal Accountability

Session #6 → Leading Change: The Path of Agile Leadership

Session #7 → Applications and Group Coaching: The Path of Personal Accountability

Session #8 → Courageous Action: The Energy of Leadership

Session #9 → Applications and Group Coaching: The Path of Personal Accountability

What do we talk about in the final, 2-hour debrief with Ris?
We discuss where you started based on the goals you set for yourself, and how you would rate your growth since then.  That includes re-visiting:

  • What has been the impact on your leadership?
  • How are you different today than you were nine months ago?
  • What are the top three practices you are going to take on to sustain the development of your leadership?
  • Any concept, practice, or skill that you would like to discuss for more mastery?

Then we create a plan together for how to best move forward in your leadership effectiveness.