Stakeholder Centered Coaching for Teams

Does Your Coaching Measure Up?

We help teams quickly identify barriers to working together and close the gap between today’s performance and where they need to be to accomplish their goals.

“Our team is having conversations that we’ve never had before. This is helping us accomplish our goals earlier and with less drama.”
Senior Vice-President

How and Why Does Stakeholder-Centered Team Coaching Work?

  • Attention on the stakeholders
  • Emphasis on the future
  • Changes perception of team members and their behavior at the same time

Is Your Team a Candidate for Stakeholder-Centered Team Coaching?

Is your team expected to:

  • Deliver big, critical goals for the company?
  • Get a newly-formed team off to a great start?
  • Ensure that a critical project stays on track and gets done on time and on a budget?
  • Address dysfunctional behavior in existing teams? 
  • Eliminate silos between leadership teams that need to work together?
  • Provide a cost-effective way to develop a group of leaders, especially high potentials?

Proven Process, Proven Results

If this process sounds like it delivers great results, it’s because it does!

We help the team close the gap between where they are and where they need to be, and then engage each member in identifying behavioral change needed in themselves to meet the team goal.

Graphic describing Stakeholder centered Team coaching process that involves creating team focus, implementing action plans, and measuring impact.

Want to Get Out of the Office?

Select one of our resort options to reveal, develop, and recharge for your first coaching session.

We can do it virtually, too!

“As the leader of our company, I wanted to improve. Once I experienced Stakeholder Centered Coaching, I knew my senior leadership team could use it, too. It was the best investment I’ve ever made in the team.”

-Tom H., President

What You Get:

The ability to deliver significant results in a new way. Plus:

  • Customized team and individual coaching
  • Breakthroughs in team dynamics you never thought possible
  • Tools and resources to use throughout the team’s journey
  • A multi-level team approach that is engaging and commits the entire team to both individual and team growth


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Is This Right for Our Team?

This Stakeholder Centered Team Coaching works best for:

  • Senior Leadership Teams who want to build cohesion and trust
  • Executives or small business owners who want to capture the maximum value of the team
  • Team leaders who want to unify their team but aren’t sure how to do it
  • Department heads who want to address and resolve differences and conflict within the team

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s set up a time to explore how Stakeholder Centered Coaching for Teams can ignite your team’s performance. Click on the calendar and pick a date and time to explore how we can deliver breakthrough results for your team.