Our Team

Our core values of curiosity, connection, and choice create an environment where challenging each other to develop better outcomes for our clients is commonplace.

Ris Higgins

Master Certified Executive Coach

“Helping my clients transform their lives has allowed me to witness some amazing leadership evolutions. As a woman leader in a male-dominated industry, I had to learn how to tackle courageous conversations and now work with my executive women clients to do the same. When leaders discover new distinctions about their effectiveness and influence–think new tools, new practices, new insights in self-awareness—it makes a measurable difference in both their professional and personal lives. For those leaders who want to keep growing and generating results, transformational leadership is possible, and I welcome the opportunity to help you get there.”

Joe Esparza

Master Certified Executive Coach

“Sharing Montana with my clients is one of the things that brings me great satisfaction in my work. After acquiring almost two million frequent flyer miles working with my clients across the country, I made it a personal priority to bring more clients to Montana. There is something undeniably powerful about the intense work we do, the magic of spending time in Montana that feeds self-reflection and self-improvement, and most importantly, generates results. We also work extensively on Zoom. I invite you to learn more about me and the results I can generate for you, your team, and your business.”

Mary-Martha Bahn

Affiliate Coach

“Everyone has the wisdom they need inside themselves; a coach helps them tap into that wisdom and potential. I love working with teams and groups and never cease to be amazed at the breakthroughs that occur in group workshops and coaching.“

Julie Puentes

Affiliate Coach

“I am blessed to do this work. I know it makes a difference and has impact far beyond the board room or office. I will never tire of the privilege of witnessing a client grasping a new perspective or courageously responding from an authentic place within rather than reacting from habits and patterns that compromise their potential. I want to help people achieve more, but more importantly, be more. Then they can realize their dreams and be effective leaders in all aspects of their lives.”

Kylene Ruth

Affiliate Coach

“At times, leadership can feel like a lonely endeavor. What excites me about coaching is the opportunity to partner with leaders and teams in a way that helps them assess where they are today and craft a plan for where they want to go in the future. The journey toward self-improvement includes personal discovery and behavioral change. It is intense work, but you do not have to do it alone. I invite you to learn more about me and how I can help you and your team achieve results.”